The man came back and found a nest of two newborn squirrels. That day became fatal for the babies

The baby squirrel was abandoned by her mom and found her comfort in humans.

Once, a man returned home from work and found something surprising in his bed: a nest of the newborn squirrels. But their mother wasn’t seen nearby. Probably she took her babies to a safe place and went to search for some food.

The man immediately connected with a rescue centre and informed them about the case. At first the staff tried to find their mother, but useless. She never returned.

One of the babies was weak and he couldn’t survive alone, so two of the rescuers named Christina and Michael decided to adopt and take care about him. They called the squirrel Thumbelina.

But the beauty was not like others and grew up to be special. He grew up and was still fed with bottle, while other squirrels his age can probably eat regular food.

He does not like to jump and climb, he only runs or walks and likes to spend most of his day with his owners. He hates being with other squirrels.

He is so unique and even his owners say that he isn’t a squirrel.

Now he enjoys his life with his lovely owners and is provided with everything he needs. Mostly he feels peace and calm in his humans’ arms.
He doesn’t like to play in the yard, especially in cold weather. And also he hates the vacuum cleaner.

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