Here are the charming heiresses of world famous fashion models who definitely surpass them in beauty

Meet the daughters of models who appeared to be more stunning than their mothers

Like any other profession, being a model and actively engaged in fashion has its advantages or strong sides and disadvantages or weak points. Each and every model should limit herself or himself in a number of things, starting from taking self-care and proper eating. They don’t often sleep much and are to meet tight deadlines. Whereas being a model means traveling overseas, getting well acquainted with different nations and cultures, being close to the fashion and gaining cross-cultural skills.

To summarize, being a model requires certain abilities and talent and not everyone is destined for being engaged in this sphere. It is worth mentioning that some fashion models’ heiresses choose a completely different path, whereas some firmly decide to follow their parents’ career steps.

Ch. Brinkley with her heiress named Sailor

P. Cleveland accompanied with her daughter Anna

Jasmin le Bon and stunning Amber

MacDowell with her charming heiress Margaret

J. Hall accompanied with stunning Georgia

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