“The incredible power of genes”: The phenomenal similarity between the relatives left everyone speechless

The way these relatives are incredibly similar to each other can surprise everyone

Many strongly hold the opinion that people can inherit their parents’ and closest relatives’ features, whereas there have been a number of cases when the genes of their distant ancestors played a significant and fundamental role in the formation of their organisms and appearance. This not only concerns their general look, but also certain parts of their body, hair and even birthmarks.

He is the exact copy of his dad at the same age.

How identical the man and his heir look!

Cindy Crawford’s heiress named Gerber. Look at how much they look like each other!

One of the photos was taken back in 1965 and the other one in 2014. The similarity between the awesome daughter and her mother is incredible!

How identical these relatives look!

The same blond curly hair!

Uma Thurman and her charming heiress Maya Hawk

Many hold the opinion that Deva doesn’t look like her mother, whereas look at them here!

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