‘Fairy Dad’ Channing Tatum wore a magical fairly suit for his little daughter 

Lockdown has become a chance for many to ease off from the hectic speed of modern life as well as come across new talents.

Hollywood actor named Channing Tatum is one of those people.

The StepUp star had to self-isolate for a long time with his 7-year-old daughter. Channing found an uncommon business. He wrote a whole children’s book, particularly for tiny Everly. The book tells about the love of a father for his daughter, as well as how significant it is to maintain your personality despite what others think. Nevertheless, serious reflections are presented in the form of a magical story about an uncommon girl, Sparkella, who was fond of sparks so much that her peers did not always realize her.

Channing Tatum even made a real presentation of the new book on his Instagram account. The actor approached the issue seriously and even wore a magical fairy suit for a solemn necessity, which looked both amusing and very thrilling at the same time.

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