Everyone wondered why this woman decided to keep a pig, then they understood the reason. So exciting!

This cute pig saved the woman’s life and showed her that life is beautiful.

Meet Hamlet, a cute pig, who became his owner’s rescuer and made her life more beautiful.

His owner, a caring woman, was told that she had epilepsy when she was still a college student. When she got married, her seizures became more frequent than before, so she needed someone to help her overcome her illness and feel peace and quiet.

Because her husband is allergic to dogs and cats, they decided to adopt a pig and kept it as a pet after they had watched a video of a pig and a cat playing together on social media.

After the pig’s arrival the woman’s life changed and she began to feel better and calmer. The caring animal never left her side even in the difficult situations. He started to play with the woman when noticed that she didn’t have mood and was depressed.

The woman began to take amazing photos of the pig and shared them on social media attracting a great number of viewers from all over the world.

Hamlet became her saviour and she is grateful to her lovely pet for what he did for her.

Now the woman frequently posts attractive photos of the pig on the Internet, being sure that they make a lot of people happy.

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