Nine individuals with unique appearances whose existence is hard to believe 

It was once correctly pointed out that each person is special just the way they are, and there are no two totally identical people in the world.

But there are only such examples of the human race in the world, whose characteristics make them truly amazing and exceptional. Looking at some of the heroes of our today’s collection, it’s even difficult to believe that they are common creatures and did not come to us from other worlds. Nevertheless, the major thing is that the characteristics do not prevent them all from living a complete life, right?

Albinism gives an exceptional appearance but sometimes leads to health issues.

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. With this pathology, the production of collagen is disturbed, and the skin takes on a specific appearance. But this did not stop Sarah Hertz from becoming a model.

Anisocoria syndrome – with such a violation, pupils of various sizes.

Dermatology. In 2 percent of people, even a simple touch on the skin causes scars. However, after a few hours, the “picture” vanishes.

Waardenburg syndrome is an infrequent genetic disability. Symptoms include hearing loss as well as unusually bright blue eyes.

Taking silver compounds for cure gave this man an unexpected effect. Scientifically, this is called argyrosis.

In the past, “bearded women” were exhibited in the circus as a curiosity. Today, such a violation can be corrected. However, the actress Dakota Cook does not complex with her features at all.

Cat pupil syndrome is caused by chromosomal abnormalities. However, this does not affect vision, but only makes the shape of the pupils fully uncommon.

Ectodermal dysplasia causes abnormalities in the shape of the face. However, pathology does not prevent this 26-year-old German actress from building a successful career.

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