When the cat was left alone in the house he begins to cry into a security camera

A caring owner returned from her trip, as she saw her beloved cat crying 

After being home alone while his owners were on vacation the cat became popular after appearing to scream in sadness and crying into a security camera.

After hearing his name called on the home monitor, Fu Fu a British Shorthair was captured crying.

When the owner Ms Meng saw the touching scenario she shouted his name with the help of surveillance software on her phone and wanted to know whether he missed her.

The cat Fu Fu can be seen with tears in his eyes. “I was really sad after seeing this.”

Ms Meng captured this when she went to her parents house in a neighbouring town to celebrate the Lunar New Year. She decided not to take Fu Fu, as she was afraid he wouldn’t adjust to her parents house.

Ms Meng decided to return after seeing her beloved pet in such a sad situation.

The 17 second video became popular on the Internet and has more than 8 million likes. Fu Fu became a real celebrity and had a nickname “left behind cat.”

Ms Meng described Fu Fu as a sweet and shy pet, who likes to spent his time with her.

Ms Meng also placed enough food and water before her departure and watched thorough the security camera to make sure everything is fine.

Ms Meng told: “I planned to spend a week with my parents, but we all returned to Xuzhou early.”

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