A little kitten, that can’t sleep without his beloved teddy bear

A sweet kitten with her inseparable teddy bear

What could be more adorable than a fluffy kitten? Almost a little kitten with his own stuffed animal!

It turned out, that not only people, but also animals liked to sleep with their own plush animals. A cute kitten named Casper was saved by Marielle Tepe when he was only a few weeks old. The woman has fed the baby and cared for him.

Although Marielle was very affectionate with the animal, she simply couldn’t carry him everywhere, so she thought about something, that would feel him comfortable while she was out. So she decided to give Casper a little teddy bear. Casper adored his stuffed toy and now can’t sleep without him. So every night he must hug his beloved toy.

So his owner captured the touching moment on camera. She decided to show it to everyone and shared on Facebook. With their cuteness they became popular just in a few days. Just look at them:

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