«The Miss World in her teens»: Incomparably beautiful Rai showed what she looked like in her teen years

Here are rare photos of beautiful Rai in her teen years you have hardly ever seen 🤔🧐

First and foremost it should be mentioned that A. Rai was born to a family of a merchant navy officer and a writer. Her striking beauty and cuteness have delighted everyone since the moment she came into this world.

Since her childhood she showed great potential, many talents and has always been a kind, intelligent and organized personality. She started to take an interest in architecture viewing it as her future profession.

However, as soon as photographers noticed the uniquely beautiful girl, she became the center of their attention leading her to participate in «Miss India» and «Miss World» pageants.

She could show her great talent in «Innocent Lies» which brought the girl even more fame and recognition. She is also remembered for her roles in «The Last Legion» and «The Pink Panther 2».

Rai achieved incredible career heights in singing as well and now her number one priority is her family.

Though she has changed a lot and is not the same young girl, her allure and charisma have remained the same. It is worth mentioning that she has become the very first Indian woman who has her wax figure at Madame Tussauds.

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