«New romance?»: Shortly after his divorce from Kunakey, Cassel’s new lover’s name has been revealed

Here is the girl who stole Vincent Cassel’s heart shortly after his divorce from Tina 😮🤔

The news of the actor and T. Kunakey’s divorce left absolutely everyone speechless. The details about their separation still surface in the network. The breakup negatively affected Tina and she still can’t recover from it.

What concerns the French actor, he quickly got over her and he has recently been caught with his new lover. The new couple didn’t even try to hide their feelings and drew paparazzi’s attention.

Here is Malika Lubek who quickly stole the film star’s heart. She is from a small state in East Africa and came to France for her studies.

She was born to a family of an engineer and a minister. It should be mentioned that she has received three higher education degrees.

Malika takes a great interest in modeling and has become one of the most successful photomodels in her homeland.

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