«She seems to be homeless»: Vanessa Paradis was photographed by the paparazzi on vacation  

The way Vanessa dressed was criticized by fans  😱🤔

Vanessa Paradis was captured enjoying her vacation with her son, 18-year-old Jack. Fans were surprised by her look, because she seemed to be homeless.

It’s important to note that she and her son were having a relax with Camille Jansen, who is Jack’s girlfriend. They had invited her to join their trip. Fans spotted that they share a strong bond.

Guessing from their pictures, the couple adores each other, so people hope that their relationship will last quite long.

As for Vanessa, she left fans speechless with her unkept look. She seems not to take care of herself, which deeply disappoint her audience. However, there are people, who appreciate her modest look, saying that she is on vacation and wears whatever she wants.

Vanessa herself doesn’t care about others’ opinions and does what she wants.

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