«No one expected this!»: The way Hollywood actress Theron looks like in reality will leave fans speechless

The fans were not ready to see what Theron looks like with no makeup in real life 😳🧐

The award of one of the most gorgeous, talented and successful Hollywood actresses deservedly goes to Ch. Theron. A great number of producers and directors truly love to work with this iconic star best-remembered for her role in «Monster».

Recently, she has finally opened up sharing her honest thoughts about aging. She has admitted that she pays extra close attention to signs of aging and notices every single new wrinkle. \Now, the actress, 44, turns to beauticians more often than before.

Whereas she finds courage and is self-confident enough to go out with no hint of makeup. Even with no cosmetics, she, undeniably, looks amazing for her age, doesn’t she?

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