«Who wins the fashion battle?»: This is how the same dresses look on different show business celebrities

Let’s decide on whom these dresses look better! Celebrities in identical dresses 🤔🧐

Even though there is a wide range of new dresses, outfits and ensembles constantly being designed in large number, celebrities, sometimes, fail to distinguish themselves from all the others and end up appearing in the same dresses as others.

Such awkward situations make us compare on whom these dresses look better. Let’s decide and share your opinion in the comments section.

A Lima and A Williams

Rihanna and J. Roberts

B. Hadid and O. Palermo

E. Goulding and K. Kardashian

K. Kardashian and her mother

A Ambrosio and P. Lot

H. Berry and R. Ora

A Rose and K. Kardashian

Rihanna and K. West

J. Lopez and G. Hlliwell


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