«The time it all started!»: Here are exclusive photos showing what film stars looked like during their first role

Only a few have seen what iconic actresses looked like during their first film role 🤔🧐

A large number of film stars such as J. Roberts, L. Tyler and M. Fox started their drizzling acting career with minor roles. Only a few have seen these legendary actresses as newcomers in the film industry.

The exclusive photos presented below show them during their very first role. Some even hardly recognize them since they, in fact, looked absolutely different then. Over the years, their appearance has changed together with their style and preferences.

J. Roberts, «Satisfaction»

A Jolie, «Hackers»

S. Johansson, «The Thieves»

S. Hayek, «Teresa»

M. Fox, «Queen of the Screen»

J. Alba, «Flippers»

P. Cruz, «Ham, Ham»

K. Winslet, «Celestial Creatures»

C. Zeta-Jones, «A Thousand and One Nights»

D. Moore, «Parasit»

H. Berry, «Living Dolls»

J. Aniston, «Camp Cucamonga»

L. Tyler, «Silent Fight»

E. Green, «Dreamers»

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