«Ready for everything to impress her young husband»: The extravagant look of Klum resulted in mixed reactions

All eyes were on Klum’s deep cleavage about which even her husband was embarrassed 😱🧐

One of the world’s most attractive and desirable women is, undeniably, H. Klum. The German beauty never ceases to delight the entire world with her femininity, timeless beauty and brightness.  She is among the fashion icons as well.

It is not surprising at all that millions of people are in love with this hottie, yet the heart of the star chose the young guitarist from «Tokio Hotel». He is 33 and is madly in love with Klum.

Their big age difference failed to prevent the couple from being happy and harmonious. It is clearly seen that they go crazy about each other.

To constantly impress her young husband, the former supermodel does everything possible to make an impression on him. The outfits she sometimes appears income as a big surprise.

This time, she surprised everyone with her glamorous dress with a deep cleavage. The neckline hardly covered her private places and created a hint of provocation.

Far not everyone was satisfied with her extravagant outfit. Some believed that it was already too much.

«Is it actually a good idea to trust this dress I wonder?», «At least she didn’t come naked», «A cleavage to the navel is already too much!», «Even her husband feels embarrassed».

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