«The Pretty Woman’s daughter is 16!»: What Hollywood actress Roberts’s teenage daughter looks like raises questions

Everyone was speechless when they saw Pretty Woman’s 16-year-old daughter 😳🧐

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know this overall-famous, enormously successful and in-demand Hollywood actress whose iconic role in «Pretty Woman» brought her popularity and recognition.

Since 2002, she has happily been married to D. Moder with whom she has three adorable children.

Our favorite actress is already 54 and she dedicates herself to the family. She has ceased to act in movies and her number one priority is her family. Many are interested in what her teenage daughter looks like and here she is.

Hazel is one of the twins of the iconic star and has never ceased to be the center of public attention. Her blonde hair, sky-blue eyes and beautiful features delight everyone.

She inherited the flat nose, high eyebrows and big eyes from her famous mother. Surprisingly, many draw parallels between her and Johansson claiming that they look incredibly like each other. As she grows, she starts to look like her even more.

The girl attends school and is endowed with a chance to choose the profession she likes the most. She has already played minor roles and enjoys team sports. She has great potential and many talents.


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