«She ruined her beauty!». Photos of the «new» face of Kim Basinger scattered across social networks  

Fans are confused by her transformation  😳😱

69-year-old American actress Kim Basinger, who was once an idol of beauty and charm, now disappoints her fans with her strange look.

Kim enjoyed popularity not only with her talent, but also with her beauty and attractiveness, but it seems the star was not ready to age, so she decided to maintain her youthful appearance with the help of plastic surgeons. But the result was not liked by many.

After her unsuccessful plastic surgery, she appeared at her daughter Ireland Baldwin’s baby shower party for the first time. Fans hardly recognized her, because she changed a lot. She was captured with her partner Mitch Stone by the paparazzi.

Although she doesn’t use much makeup, her facial features are quite noticeable and her transformation is obvious just at first sight.

Fans were really disappointed by her new look and they criticised her for ruining her natural beauty.

Before the plastic surgery Kim has used natural methods to maintain her youthful appearance. Besides it she has always visited the gym and paid much attention on her body.

What do you think about Kim’s new look? Do you like her in this way?

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