«In lingerie and high heels!»: The photoshoot of pregnant Rihanna caused controversy

Rihanna showed the world that a pregnant woman can also look hot and win hearts 😳😍

Many will hardly believe that this stunningly beautiful star is already 35 since she still has a body of an 18-year-old girl. Rihanna is currently expecting her second baby often flaunting her pregnant belly in provocative outfits.

«She epitomizes female beauty!», «No matter how many years pass, she will always charm the world with her brightness», «The perfection has her name!», «She proves that even when being pregnant, a woman can look hot».

«I can hardly believe my eyes that this woman will soon be a mother of two. How long did I sleep?», «I wish you and your baby health and all the best in the world».

«She is the one who makes pregnancy a trend!», «She was born to be a mother!».

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