The antagonist-heartthrob of «Titanic» is unrecognizable!: The way actor Zane has changed raised questions

It is hard to believe that this bald man with a big belly is Rose’s hot husband 🤔😱

However unbelievable it may be, 25 years have already passed since the release of one of the hit movies of our time. There is probably no one who hasn’t watched this masterpiece and its soundtrack by Dion has been listened by millions.

Many have been wondering how the actors and actresses have changed since then, especially the heartthrobs who let no single viewer stay indifferent and not to fall in love with them. Among them is, surely, B. Zane who portrayed Rose’s partner.

Millions predicted that he would further achieve incredible success and even greater fame in the industry after the legendary movie. The esteemed and acclaimed actor, however, is best remembered for this very role.

It is now difficult to believe that this man with a bald head and a beer belly was once adored by millions of women. Nothing is left of the prominent movie star.

Yet, some are still of the opinion that he holds the title of one the heartthrobs of the movie. His charisma and masculinity remained the same.

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