«It contrasts with her refined image»: Gigi Hadid surprised everyone with her bold decision to get a tattoo on her butt

She’s not shy about showing off her body art 🧐🤔

After the divorce from her ex-partner, Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid seems to take care of herself more carefully than before. She has become much more beautiful and fresher.

She recently shocked her fans with her daring decision to get a dragon tattoo on her buttock. Although it’s temporary, people were in surprise when they first saw her in a new way.

Fans’ opinions were different: while many people supported the star in her choice, others expressed displeasure with it. They expressed their anger at her such a bold action, saying that it contrasts with her cute image.

Gigi, however, proudly showed off her new tattoo and is not ashamed of what she did. It gave rise to discussions among netizens, who once again admired her self-confidence.

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