«Not vulgar, but quite spicy». The appearance of Gigi Hadid at the show caused a real sensation  

The model was just flawless! 😍

Gigi Hadid, who is known for her adorable appearance and elegance, continues to attract her audience with her beauty. After the birth of her child, she disappeared from screens for a while, concentrating her attention on raising her daughter.

After it she began to choose more modest and comfortable outfits, but even in them she looks gorgeous.

Despite her preference to modest outfits in everyday life, the model continues to captivate people with her luxurious looks on the red carpet. Her appearance at the Versace show in Paris was no exception and she was in the spotlight of attendees thanks to her fashion choice and charm.

Her black dress highlighted her slim figure and other eye-catching features, that’s why it gained everyone’s attention at once. She was walking with a proud facial expression and her self-confidence couldn’t remain unnoticed.

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