«It would be better to cover your gray hair»: Salma Hayek’s new photos have become a topic of discussion

Looking in this way at this age is truly amazing! 😍

Salma Hayek’s recent photos by the pool in a cool swimsuit left fans in awe. As always she is gorgeous and netizens couldn’t just pass by her photos without leaving words of admiration and amazement.

Although the star is close to 60, her pretty figure and charming look are maintained. She seems to be 30 and it’s not surprising as she takes care of her appearance perfectly.

Fans expressed their surprise at her youthful appearance, saying that she is only getting older with age. But there were people, who spotted her gray hair, which is a result of aging. They advised her to dye it to look much more beautiful.

We would like to see your own thoughts about the star’s appearance.

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