«Before rhinoplasty, facelift and cat-eye effect»: After Hadid’s old photos, the fans started to question her beauty

Here are several unseen archive photos of Hadid before surgeries that hardly anyone saw 😱😳

Every single one knows this demanded, enormously successful and outstanding runway icon whose extraordinary beauty and professionalism make her one of the most desirable stars of today’s fashion world.

Anyway, there are those who question her natural beauty being more than sure that it was only due to plastic surgeries and beauty procedures that she gained overall fame and recognition.

Her facial features and parameters perfectly fit into the patterns that any model should correspond to. Her non-standard appearance and brightness hardly let anyone stay indifferent.

For millions, she epitomizes female beauty and attractiveness being a role model of how a perfect girl should look like. Her allure and charm can hardly be overestimated.

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