«Such an heir from these parents seems unlikely». This boy has parents of different nationalities, but he has nothing like them  

Ladies, get ready to be wowed!  😱😍

Here is Charles Melton, the heir of an Indian man and a Korean woman. He is so handsome that no one can be indifferent about him. He doesn’t look like his parents, but has very nice features, which win ladies’ hearts.

The guy doesn’t live either in India or in Korea, he feels himself great in the USA and considers himself an American.

Thanks to his wonderful appearance, he has gained a great number of fans, who attentively follow his every post and news on his account.

Now Charles is quite a famous model and actor, and besides his nice look, he is very talented. The guy gets many invitations to participate in various shootings and his photos appear on the covers of magazines.

Now we want to see your opinion about him. Do you consider him handsome?

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