«From a living Barbie into a tomboy!»: The way one of the world’s cutest girls has changed left no one indifferent

Many were not ready to see what the famous girl with a doll appearance has changed 🧐🤔

Probably everyone knows Ira. She was only 2 when she conquered the big world of modeling and built a drizzling career. Due to her doll-like appearance, her parents wanted the world to see and admire her.

Everyone knew her as the girl with a doll or Barbie appearance. Her unique beauty and charm let absolutely no one stay indifferent.

Her pure beauty and innocence attracted millions of people all over the world. No one actually believed that she was real. People accused them of using Photoshop.

However, she hardly enjoyed her carefree childhood years. Instead of going to kindergarten, she spent her days in studios and modeling agencies.

As she got older, her appearance underwent some changes. She is invited to photo shoots less and less often and her popularity is fading before our eyes. Interestingly enough, she doesn’t like her childhood and prefers not to remember it.

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