«A future supermodel!»: This is what Cruise’s daughter looks like who doesn’t communicate with her dad

Paparazzi catches Cruise’s only daughter whom her mother has always been hiding 🤔🧐

It was in 2012 that prominent actor T. Cruise and his wife divorced. The ex-spouses have a 16-year-old heiress who is in a tense relationship with her father. Her name is Suri and here she is!

K. Holmes has always been trying to keep her heiress away from the spotlight and the public eye. However, the paparazzi have recently been lucky enough to catch her.

She was spotted in New York City with a friend.

«The female version of her dad!», «Their resemblance is incredible», «What led him to leave his family?», «How does he feel not to communicate with his only heiress?».

«How long did we sleep?», «A future supermodel!», «How quickly children grow up!».

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