«Far from being a professional model». Selena Gomez’s fans discussed her figure in a swimsuit on the beach  

Her bold photos have caught the attention of fans 😱🧐

30-year-old Selena Gomez decided to have a full rest at a beach resort. The singer and actress posted a very cool photo of herself in a stunning swimsuit, which gained fans’ attention at once.

It’s seen from this photo that the star was enjoying her journey, and her calm and peaceful facial expression show that she had great relax.

She showed off her natural beauty without bright makeups and luxurious outfits.

She decided to get rid of daily problems and busy routines far from the public eye and people’s attention. And it’s obvious the celebrity achieved her goal and did whatever she wished.

Fans wrote their mixed opinions about her beauty, figure and look. Many of them expressed their admiration for her stunning appearance, while others claimed that with such a figure she is far from being a model.

In response to such opinions, Selena openly said that she doesn’t have any intention of becoming a model and she loves herself as she is.

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