«Her beauty drives men crazy»: The unique beauty of this girl breaks the stereotypes

The photos of this plus-size model will make you fall madly in love with her 😍

Meet Iskra Lawrence. This nice-looking girl is a fashion model, an editor-in-chief and just an attractive woman who changes today’s standards of beauty.

To keep herself fit and healthy, she regularly goes to the gym, more specifically, 3-4 times a week.

She actively leads her own blog sharing with her followers how to always keep their physique stunning.

Iskra used to be a very skinny girl who always followed crushing diets and tried to meet all the social requirements. However, this made her exhausted and fatigued>

She clearly realized that being healthy and self-sufficient is much more important than looking beautiful and attractive.

Currently, she eats properly, yet doesn’t go on strict diets.

Millions sincerely admire her uniqueness and self-acceptance.

Some even copy and imitate her style trying to look like Iskra.

For many, she is the embodiment of beauty, femininity, brightness and stylishness.

She is believed to be among the most exceptional and unique women.

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