«Even at 44, still a hottie!»: The way Scherzinger looks like in her 40s will leave everyone speechless

One of the iconic 2000s’ stars showed her body in a bikini and received compliments 😍

One of the legendary 2000s’ singers who gained worldwide fame and popularity is, undeniably, Scherzinger. People believe that the iconic woman doesn’t know how to age and, like wine, gets even better with age.

Many were quick to add that she looked just the way as she did years ago and, in fact, time has had no impact on her. Her recent photos from vacation in a revealing white bikini amazed absolutely everyone.

The fans couldn’t understand how their idol could look so perfect in her 40s asking her to share her beauty secrets with them. Many were convinced that she had surgeries to maintain her flawless look.

Some claim that she says «No!» to aging and keeps becoming even hotter over time.

No one could resist and not compliment such unearthly beauty.

Did you like her appearance at 44?

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