«Amy in granny’s cardigan and glasses is not the same»: The way Bialik looks like now will astonish you

This is who was hiding behind Amy from «The Big Bang Theory» in maxi skirts and glasses 🧐😳

When this character appeared in the popular series in season three, she immediately piqued the viewers’ interest and captivated everyone with her unique appearance, incredible acting talent and charisma.

Her heart was soon occupied by Sh. Cooper who then became her husband.

It stands to reason that another reason why this character was interesting was her absolutely unique style. For the most part, she was in old-fashioned cardigans, maxi skirts and glasses with thick frames.

This is who was actually hiding behind this character. Her current appearance lets no single stay indifferent. Her rare beauty and elegance delight absolutely everyone.

Despite her age, she still pleasantly surprises the entire world with her «bold» style, clothes with slits and cleavage.

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