«Cellulite and saggy skin!»: 77-year-old Hawn’s body in swimwear became the subject of discussions

The fans were taken aback when they saw 77-year-old Hawn’s aged body in a bikini 😲🧐

Here are some photos of G. Hawn’s makeup-free look without editing, retouching or Photoshop that quickly went viral on the Internet. Many clearly noticed that time has already had its toll on the iconic star.

Many of her fans rushed to shower her with compliments. «If aging, then only in this way!», «At her 77, she still outshines everyone», «My only dream is to look like her when I get old»

«Her age is already showing itself», «I can’t believe my eyes. How long did I sleep?».

Unlike many other contemporary stars, she decided to age with grace

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