A Tale of Kindness: Rescuers Save Baby Elephant, Receive Heartwarming Gratitude from a Herd

They got the cutest response of their action 🐘❤️👨‍🦰

Once something surprising happened in Kerala, when a group of people spotted a baby elephant in need and after saving him, they got the cutest response of their action.

They discovered that the elephant was afraid of the sound of a train and fell into a ditch and was stuck in the mud. Because he couldn’t get out of it by himself, he tried to gain attention and succeeded.

People, who heard his voice, hurried to help him.

They worked hard, used ropes and managed to take him out of the ditch. The sweet animal was saved after a few hours and safely returned to his family.

But it’s not the end of the story: in the evening the rescuers had guests. The little elephant came to express his gratitude but not alone, a big herd of elephants joined him. They came to say «thank you» to the residents for their kindness.

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