The most unusual hobby. The man adds numerous bulldogs to his ever-growing family

Regardless of your job, you can always make time to rescue a dog 🐶🥰

NFL star named Ryan Kerrigan is known to have a unique hobby: he adores rescuing bulldogs. He is very popular with his teammates and also fans.

But not all of them may know about his special affection for dogs and his ever-growing dog family.

The most beloved thing of Ryan is that regardless of their team play his dogs are happily greeting him.

And also he wants to include all his bulldogs into his life. Ryan uses every opportunity to take his dogs with him.

Ryan and his family adopted a bulldog named Truman, who needed help when it was a difficult time for Ryan. The puppy was blind, but regardless of his disability the bulldog has calming and loving effect on Ryan’s family and he is absolutely happy for it.

And also one of their dogs is Kennedy, who was found on the streets of China and transforms into a joyful puppy. And now Ryan couldn’t imagine most of his time in the house without her.

Sportsmen has a difficult career and stressful days and animals are the best way to relax and release the stress of the work.

This story shows, that regardless of your job you can make time to rescue a dog.

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