From Rescue to Forever Home: Police Officer Adopts Puppy Saved from Drain

An adorable story of a puppy being saved by the police officers

Police officers from Florida received a call, that made them motionless.

They went to the place and heard whimpering from the septic drain and they discovered a poor puppy there, who was almost drowning.

The puppy didn’t have owners, so one of the officers considered adopting him.

Many people won’t pay attention to the small noises, but happily these officers did and they saved the poor puppy’s life.

And one of the kind officers was James Gettings.

He was in a very bad state, almost ready to give up when the officers came.

They also cleaned the animal and then started to find his family.

And after they discovered he didn’t have owners, officer Gettings considered adopting the puppy and named him Puddle.

Now the puppy lives with the officer and enjoys his life.

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