«One of the hottest 1960s stars of France at an old age»: This is how iconic actress Mercier has changed over years

One of the iconic French movie stars Michele Mercier retains her charm even at 84 🥹😍

Meet one of the legendary French actresses M. Mercier who was among the beauty icons in the 1960s. Her unearthly charm, femininity and attractiveness pleasantly surprised everyone and many couldn’t stop admiring and even imitating her.

However surprising it may seem, the prominent movie star is already 84 but still looks gorgeous and stunningly beautiful.

Meanwhile, like every other celebrity, she has a group of haters who don’t miss a chance to strongly criticize her. Some, for example, can’t understand why she still wears full makeup and doesn’t behave like a typical granny.

Believe it or not, Mercier has acted in 55 movies and 3 nominative historical series that brought her overall recognition.

She has done nothing on her body, no plastic surgeries and other beauty procedures. The outstanding actress prefers to old naturally.

«I can’t believe this is the beauty icon of the 1960s», «No one is getting younger», «I can admire this woman forever!», «All shades of grace and elegance», «The epitome of femininity».



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