«Everyone was in love with her in the 1960s!»: This is how legendary French actress Bardot has changed over time

Brigitte Bardot at 88 still drives everyone crazy with her charm and femininity 🥹🥰

Meet one of the most in-demand and legendary movie stars in the 1950-1960s. She won millions of hearts of men and drove everyone crazy with her unearthly beauty, femininity and incredible talent.

At 88, she still pleasantly surprises her fans and admirers, and has retained her charm and looks much better than most of her contemporaries.

Despite her senior age, she still firmly remains her position as one of the most favorite film icons of all time.

However, few people know about her past and life behind the scenes.

As a typical teenager, she didn’t consider herself beautiful and attractive enough. She first became popular as a ballerina and won the hearts of men. No one could remain indifferent to her flawless body, beautiful features and gorgeous blond hair.

She started her career in 1952 and still attends events and shows. She prefers the natural way of aging and hasn’t had any surgeries.

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