The Purest Love: Deaf Puppy’s Overjoyed Reaction to His Owner’s Return

Pets love is the purest and unexplainable feeling 🐕🥰

Dogs are very loyal animals, who always miss us when we are gone even for not so long. And today’s story is true proof of this. The puppy named Cotton’s owner went away for a two-day drill weekend with the Oregon National Guard and he missed his owner a lot. And when it was time for the man to return home the puppy was overjoyed.

Cotton is a special dog, as he is a deaf rescue dog.

Cotton became a surprise for his soldier dad, when he was saved and adopted. Soon after his adoption he became the man’s service puppy. He adored his owner so much, that he is ready to do everything for him. Cotton is very dedicated to his owner, which became clear after seeing his excitement when his owner was back. He was seen eagerly waiting at the door for his best friend.

Just adorable. His incredible devotion makes everyone amazed. Cotton waited impatiently for his owner at the door. He felt, that the soldier will come soon. And soon the soldier came. And the sweet puppy became crazy. Two days were a lot for him. After the man opened the door he impatiently says hello in his own way. He jumped on his owner and wagged his tail a lot.

The owner tries to get inside, it is a hard thing, as his excited puppy is jumping on him. Cotton couldn’t control his emotions. He is so overjoyed for his owner’s return, that he doesn’t know what to do. The owner was so lucky, because his pet adored him so much. The love of a pet is something indescribable and pure. Maybe the puppy considered his owner is gone forever and he thought his return was a miracle. We would never know.

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