Raymond from «Rain Man» is unrecognizable!: The way Hoffman has changed in 35 years left everyone speechless

The fans hardly recognized the «Rain Man» star 35 years after the release of the film 🧐🤔

Believe it or not, everyone’s favorite Raymond from the popular comedy-drama film «Rain Man» has already turned 85.

Being among the highest praised, most successful and prominent actors in America, he is best-remembered for his participation in «Kramer vs. Kramer» and «Tootsie». Whereas it was the comedy «Meet the Fockers» that brought him overall fame.

According to AiF, he hasn’t appeared on our screens and in public events for a relatively long time. The latest movie he took part in was «The Song of Names» released in 2019.

The notable actor has recently been spotted with his friends while having dinner at a restaurant. He sincerely greeted and interacted with everyone who approached him.

However, the former star is definitely not the same as his age is already showing itself.


Have you watched the comedy-drama movie with his participation?

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