Katniss of «The Hunger Games» as a mother: The paparazzi photos of Lawrence with her family delighted the fans

Here are «The Hunger Games» star’s exclusive photos with her son and husband 🧐🥰

First and foremost, it is worth mentioning that this outstanding, enormously talented and in-demand actress gave birth last year. Since then, she has been doing her best to take as much time as possible for the family. Her son’s name is Cy.

Recently, «The Hunger Games» star has been photographed while spending time with her beautiful family. She was carrying her one-year-old child in a stroller whose cuteness delighted absolutely everyone.

For their causal walk, the film star was dressed in an oversized sweater and flared jeans. Her hair was slightly curled and, to complete her image, she put on fashionable sunglasses.

The family looked happy and Lawrence pleasantly surprised her fans with her special love and care for her heir.

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