From rescue to family: The heartwarming story of a bear and his human parents

Keeping such a giant is not an easy task 🐻🤗

Not everyone can dare to keep a wild animal at home, but our today’s heroes Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko are not ordinary people. They devoted themselves to the training of a rescued bear named Stepan.

When the couple came across a helpless bear cub 23 years ago, they knew it had a place in their family.

Now after so many years they are still together and enjoy each other’s company.

Even they have trained it to do some works in the house and the smart animal does them perfectly.

Despite being a wild animal, Stepan is very friendly and never harms anyone. Many people avoid him, but in fact he is very kind.

Especially, he enjoys eating sweets.

And he eats so much.

Among his favorite activities, football is in the first place.

He loves to be petted by his owners.

Now thanks to these kindhearted people he enjoys his best life, but 23 years ago he was in a terrible condition.

He got used to live among people and loves to make new companions.

He is a wonderful creature.

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