«Breaking news!»: Willis’s and Moore’s daughter gave birth to her baby and shared her first photos with the fans

The granddaughter of Willis and Moore was born and here are her first photos 🤗🥰

Here is the happy news in the family of B. Willis, a legendary movie star and his ex-wife D. Moore. They have just become grandparents for the first time. Their daughter and her R. Thomas have become parents.

It was on April 18 when their charming daughter came into this world. The family also mentioned that the baby was born at home.

Everyone’s extra close attention was also drawn to the cute girlie’s name – Luetta Isley Thomas Willis.

«You are my miracle. You fulfilled my most cherished dream – I became a mother», – shared the woman.

The first photos of the newborn made a splash and she didn’t let anyone remain indifferent to her cuteness.

Sadly, her grandfather hasn’t publicly congratulated the couple yet because of his condition. It sometimes becomes hard to even recognize his family and relatives.

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