The cat refused to leave the side of his savior, who rescued him from the fire  

He was feeling safe in the man’s arms 

Cats can have a strong bond with people, especially with those who save their lives. It’s really adorable to see how the rescued catty was hugging his savior and refused to leave his side.

The case took place in 2018, when Ryan Coleman, a kindhearted firefighter, saved a cat’s life while doing his job in California. Then the man shared a photo on social media, where the catty was strongly hugging him and didn’t allow him to continue his job.

The sweet animal was feeling safe and protected in his arms and he had to do his job with his new feline friend.

The adorable animal appreciated the man’s kindness and showed his gratitude in his own way.

When the photo was spread throughout the world, a lot of people got excited by it and asked the man to take the poor animal home. But the firefighter was unable as the fire was huge and he must finish his work.

Even many people wanted to keep the catty, but the sweet animal loved and trusted only Ryan.

As it turned out later, Ryan is a big animal lover and he keeps dogs and a goat in his house.

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