«It’s illegal to look this good at 49!»: One of the iconic 1990s models delighted the fans with her attractive figure

It is impossible to take our eyes off 49-year-old Klum’s stunning body in a bikini

Here is one of the legendary supermodels in the 1990s who still looks her best and wins millions of hearts of men who simply can’t resist her incredible beauty and attractiveness.

Although she is a mother of four and is already 49, no trace of aging is visible yet. She charms everyone with her stunning-looking body, femininity and female energy.

Her latest spicy photos in a yellow bikini left people speechless. Many couldn’t believe that she will soon celebrate her fiftieth birthday.

According to the iconic star, she mainly eats fruits, vegetables and consumes food containing much protein. She also has a personal trainer and works out several days a week.

Moreover, she is happily married to T. Kaulitz and the age difference between them motivates her to look much better and younger than most of her peers.


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