Meet Romeo and Damian: Two Adorable Puppies Who Are Ready for a Second Chance at Life

The puppies will have a second chance at life

The sweet puppies named Romeo and Damian have been saved together. They were in an awful state when the SPCA discovered them. They immediately took them to the vet for examination and treatment.

In the vet clinic it became clear, that Romeo also had a metal foreign body in his abdomen. They must recover for a long time and fortunately they weren’t broken because of the trauma and hard life they had.

Romeo and Damian are ready to do everything to attract people’s attention and are in love with everyone, who helps them.

The executive director of the shelter told, that they are very sweet and adore kissing. But they need some training for their manners.

Romeo and Damian adore not only people, but also one another and they are happy recovering together and waiting to be adopted by their perfect families.

Romeo and Damian are very adorable when they are sleeping and also like cuddling together.

And it’s the cutest thing.

They will soon be ready for adoption when they are medically ready.

Romeo and Damian had gone through many things, but they are ready to accept their second chance at life thanks to the rescuers help.

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