«Before he rose to overall fame!»: The photos showing what this chef-millionaire looked like in youth surprised everyone

The fans couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw archive photos of the famous chef

Many definitely know this overall-recognized and successful chef who has established his own steakhouses around the world. Recently, his fans were left speechless when they saw his archive photos.

It is worth mentioning that not only his cooking talent, but also his unique approach and way of cooking meat made him one of the best-known chefs. However, before rising to fame, N. Gokce had to overcome many difficulties and challenges.

To help his family and pay for his education, he started working hard since early years. When he was 14, he found a job as an assistant cook in a restaurant. At 27, he succeeded in opening his own small steakhouse.

«I was constantly trying to improve my skills in meat production. Even when I was refused to study in the USA, I didn’t give up and continued to go towards my goal.


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