«All shades of femininity!»: The magnificent appearance of actress Hayek at the gala event deserves special attention

No one took their eyes off Hayek in a gorgeous Gucci dress and delicate makeup

One of the attendees of the Film Festival held in Los Angeles became one of the notable, successful and influential Mexican actresses. As the event was promoted by Gucci, most of the guests were in gorgeous outfits from this very brand.

It should be mentioned that this brand is a part of Kering which is owned by the outstanding actress’s husband. However surprising it might seem, the beauty in these photos, the star of «Bandits», is already in her 56 and still looks amazing.

The magnificent dress of the prominent actress perfectly emphasized her flawless figure and gave her even more charm. No single one there could take their eyes off this show business star.

Many paid special attenders to her aged-looking husband who, according to some, wasn’t suitable for such indescribable beauty.

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