The little chihuahua heroically saved the life of his old owner and responded to all her kindness  

After 5 hours of barking, the granny was rescued 

When this adorable chihuahua was saved by 92 years old woman, they immediately became inseparable. The poor doggie didn’t have a place to live and had to wander the streets, so the kind woman gave him a safe place for living and everything he needed.

Sassy, the doggie, became the woman’s supporter and guardian. He never leaves her side and they two are strongly connected to each other.

Once something terrible happened to the woman, but after the incident she was once again convinced that her dog is a real hero.

One day when the woman went out to check if there was new mail in a mailbox, she lost her balance and fell to the ground. There was no one around, so her life was in danger. Here Sassy acted. He started to bark loudly to gain people’s attention.

The poor dog was barking and at the same time approaching his owner and licking her face. When a car or a person passed by them, the dog’s barking would become much louder.

Luckily, a couple spotted the poor animal and decided to follow him to see what happened.

The end was kind. The woman was taken to hospital and recovered fast. After barking for 5 hours, Sassy managed to save his owner and now they are together again.

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