«In teenage years before rising to fame!»: This is what actress Julia Fox looked like before meeting West

Here is an archive photo showing what Fox looked like before she met Kanye

Everyone knows that this 33-year-old film star is distinguished by her unique style, a sound sense of fashion and outrageous outfits. She definitely knows how to surprise everyone with her brightness and attractiveness.

Here is an archive photo of the celebrity in her teenage years with filmmaker Danika Arias Kleinicht. In the photo the future star was with long brown hair in a low ponytail, barely had makeup and was dressed in a dark blue hoodie and a mini skirt.

She has undergone liposuction and Botox injections in recent years in pursuit of perfectness and meeting all beauty standards.

Appearing in a daring ultra mini skirt at the Milan Fashion Week show, she drew everyone’s attention and her look was definitely unforgettable.

The star has talked about her relationship between Kardashian’s ex-husband even sharing some intimate details about the rapper.

It is worth mentioning that before West, she was married to P. Artemiev with whom she had a son.

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