«A future supermodel!»: The paparazzi photos of Cruise’s heiress with whom he doesn’t keep in touch surprised the fans

This is what a beauty great actor Cruise’s daughter has become in recent years

After divorcing his wife in 2012, this talented, successful and celebrated actor stopped communicating and keeping in touch with his daughter without taking part in her upbringing.

Being raised by her mother K. Holmes, Suri was hidden from the eyes of paparazzi and journalists and was well-protected by her parent. However, recently, the public attention has been drawn to the charming girl who is thought to be a future model.

«Her father and she have the same face!», «What a beauty she has become! I can’t!», «The only heir of the actor definitely deserved a better life», «How does he even sleep in peace?».

«A future supermodel is here!», «She inherited all the best from her parents», «She took the best features from her mother and father», «Will she ever forgive her father?».

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