«Her beauty is divine!»: The vacation photos of actress Lively after her 4th pregnancy became the subject of discussions

Blake Lively showed her amazing bikini body shortly after her fourth pregnancy

When one looks at the attractive and impeccable figure of this charming actress, it is hardly possible to believe that such a gorgeous woman is already a mother of four.  Her recent vacation shots in a bikini hit the network and came as a big surprise.

However surprising it may seem, even under these photos there appeared some haters and ill-wishers who managed to find some flaws and imperfections.

«A young woman but already a mother of 4! What a pity!», «There are millions better than her», «She definitely doesn’t look her best».

«You should have seen me after my first birth. My belly stayed pregnant for a couple of months after giving birth».

«A happy mom and wife!», «Of course! She left her kids with nannies and is enjoying her time on vacation! Why not?».

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